Domain Name held with another Registrar 5

How to add Private Name Servers to Domain Names hosted elsewhere

FTP Settings 7

What is and how to use FTP

How to use the Control Panel 1

How to use the Web & Email Control Panel

Infrastructure 11

The infrastructure that our Shared Web and Email hosting is based on.

Problems 1

Known problems and solutions

Setup your email client 18

How to's for setting up your email client


 Can I access Cron ?

No, Cron is not available on our Shared Website and Email Hosting.

 Can you provide Microsoft SQL databases ?

Yes, if you need Microsoft SQL databases we can provide them. For more information contact Sales.

 Do i have to buy my Domain Name through you ?

No, you do not have to buy your Domain Name through us (you do of course need a Domain Name)....

 Do you offer a free trial ?

Yes, we do offer a 30 day free trial on our Shared Website and Email Hosting, available here.

 Do you offer charitable rates ?

Yes, we do offer partial or fully soponsoured accounts, we would ask for recognition and maybe a...

 Help with htaccess files

If you are looking for some help with htaccess files, then try looking at :...

 How do I log in to webmail ?

The webmail access for either of our Shared Website and Email Hosting (either Linux or Windows)...

 I am receiving SPAM can you help ?

Setup Email Filtering, this should provide you with some protection. If you are still having...

 I have not received the email with my Email Filter Logs ... what happened ?

Sometime the email containing the Email Filter Logs can get caught by other email scanners. Check...

 I need Hosted Microsoft Exchange, can you help ?

Yes, for more information about our Hosted Microsoft Exchange contact Sales.

 I need more space than 400mb for my email, can you help ?

Yes, there are a number of ways we can help, for more advanced email accounts contact Sales.

 I require SSL protection for my email, can you help ?

Yes, our Premium Email accounts come with SSL protection, for more information contact Sales.

 Is there a different webmail for Linux or Windows ?

No, it does not matter if you have either, Our Shared Website and Email Hosting : Linux or, Our...

 What if I do not want to use your name servers ?

Then you can set-up the DNS records manually with another host, the IP addresses needed are in...

 You say "Scheduled Tasks" ... do you mean Cron ?

No, Scheduled Tasks is setup manually through the control panel.