Are Dedicated Servers just an upgrade from shared hosting ?

No, Dedicated Servers are un-managed, in other words they require some technical expertise to run them.

Should you require a managed service contact sales to discuss your requirements.

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Why do you not offer Automatic setup ?

We offer a semi-automated setup so we can run some fraud checks first.

Where will my server be located ?

All of our Dedicated Servers are based in UK Data centers.

What type of Hardware are your Dedicated Servers ?

All of our Dedicated Servers run on genuine Dell Server hardware.

What level of access do i have ?

You get either "Root" (on Linux) or "Administrator" (on Windows), in other words full control.

What happens if a hard disk fails on my Dedicated Server ?

If a Hard Drive fails on one of our Dedicated Servers : As the servers are mirrored RAID the...